The Shirdi Sai Tours intend to make the best in the south India and pursue this goal seriously; as I am sure you pursue your goals equally seriously. I have always aimed at delighting you and giving you nothing but the best.

Guest Commitment Statement

Managing Director's Message

Dear Guest,

Thank you very much for choosing to travel with us.

I understand that every time you choose Shirdi Sai Tours. you are placing your confidence and trust in us - in our 'Product', our 'Service' and our 'People'. Your expectations from us are undoubtedly high and that's what keeps us continuously trying to improve ourselves.

The Guest Commitment Statement' of Shirdi Sai Tours is another step in making our cabs a safe, pleasant and enjoyable experience based on our core values of 'safety', 'service', 'happiness', 'accountability' and 'teamwork'.

It contains specific, voluntary 'Service Commitments' and addresses all areas of your travel experience - starting from making a reservation to deplaning at the final destination and beyond. These statements reflect our vision, "The Shirdi Sai Tours Family will consistently deliver a safe, value based and enjoyable travel experience to all our Guests", and demonstrates our commitment to making your travel an experience that could only be summed up by the words: "The Shirdi Sai Tours Experience ".

It is our continuous endeavour to meet and exceed our Guest's expectations. I would like you to tell me how we are performing and I welcome your feedback.

Managing Director

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